Hope Farm Labradoodles
Breeders of Multi-generation Australian Labradoodles in North Carolina

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Our Breeding Doodles

PLEASE see below for pics & details on our Stud Boy, Cup a' Joe & our Girls; Choxie, Nilla and Josie. Our stud boy & Josie each live in guardian homes with wonderful families. Nilla & her daughter Pepper, an upcoming breeder girl both live with us. Pepper pics coming soon. She's a small MED.

Almost a decade ago we found our wonderful Choxie, who is retired from breeding. She now lives with some friends 5 miles away and is called the twin to their son because he too has hair with a loose curl, fun. As a pup she was light chocolate like her beard and especially in the summer lightens to a Cafe'/Lavender/Parchment. She is a great companion dog.

Choxie as a puppy at 6 weeks and with one of her past pups visiting for a play date.

Hope Farm's Nilla Bean is our Cream Beauty with a perfect Fleece coat & OFA Good. She is medium in size at 35lbs. Her Reg# is ALAA-019627

Josie Bell has a rich dark chocolate wavy Fleece coat, OFA Excellent & a stocky Medium build at 36lbs. She's got her highlights here from late summer. Her Reg# is ALAA-019628. She is living in a guardian home here in Wake Forest, NC and has served often in schools with Exceptional Children.

Our Stud boy Cup a' Joe is such a sweet dog. He lives with some friends about 5 miles away and is socialized by a family with 2 older and 2 younger children. The children and parents adore him. Here are some pics from puppy & now. Cup a' Joe is OFA Good and also fully classified Good by the renowned ALAA Dr. Wallace. His reg # is ALAA-020939. He has a great wavy fleece coat, very soft.
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