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Research Dognition

On April 22, 2013 an article in The New York Times called 'A Virtual Pack, to Study Canine Minds' was published to report findings of Dognition (Dog cognition) studies conducted at Duke University.

We only learned of this article via a gentleman from the Northeast who called saying he wanted a dog like Finley, the featured dog in The New York Times article he had just read & he did some research to find out Finley came from Hope Farm Labradoodles. He gladly forwarded this info on to us.

One of our very own Hope Farm Labradoodles pet puppies (Finley) was the featured dog for this article. Here are pics from the article with Dr. Hare. At the time of the article they had tested 200 dogs.

(pic 1) Brian Hare, associate professor at Duke University and chief scientific officer at Dognition, conducting the "folder game" with Finley. (pic 2) Brian Hare is using his new company to supply him and his colleagues with scientific data on tens of thousands of dogs. www.dognition.com

Here is a link to the article
http://nyti.ms/Zgc5C9 or paste this below into a browser
In 1995, Brian Hare began to wonder what his dog Oreo was thinking.

At the time, he was a sophomore at Emory University, where he was studying animal psychology with Michael Tomasello. Dr. Tomasello was comparing the social intelligence of humans and other animals.

Humans, it was known at the time, are exquisitely sensitive to signals from other humans. We use that information to solve problems that we might struggle to figure out on our own...(see the balance of the article at the link provided)

We look forward to hearing from you about joining our Doodle family.

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