Getting your new Puppy

Deciding to add a new family member is a fun time. Costs include initial purchase $2950, consider puppy insurance (we provide 1 month insurance free), standard care vet fees, food/treats, leash, toys, dog bed, crate, etc. in making your adoption decision.

ALAA Breed standard pricing for Australian Multigen Labradoodles (AMLD) is on the rise & around $3K-$3.5k. If you are offered a puppy for less than the market rate, make sure it is a genuine mALD and not another mix or First Generation Australian Labradoodle (F1, F1b, AL). The multigen (mALD) provides a healthier pup, with an intelligent, playful terperament and no-shed (like a human), no-smell, allergy friendly coats. Also make sure your breeder offers a 2 year health guarantee.

Hope Farm Labradoodles cost $2950. A non-refundable application/reservation fee of $500 is required to reserve a puppy with the balance due at the time of delivery/pick-up. Extra charges may apply for delivery and will vary depending on location and cost of travel. If you need more time than the normal 8 week pick up date, we offer $25/day for our children to care for your puppy for roughly an additional week IF our own family is available from life activities as well.
The cost of your puppy includes: Vet Examination, De-wormings, All age appropriate shots and health records, 1 free month of pet insurance, Option of puppy spay/neuter prior to going home. Default is delay to up to 9 months. (delay has Contract stipulation requiring follow up proof of spay/neuter or breeder dog cost due), Micro-chip, Contract with 2 or 3 year health guarantee, Pedigree Registration with Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA), A baby blanket and familiar toy, Collar, Socialization of your puppy with other dogs and our children and dedicated Support from us anytime you have questions about your Labradoodle. We send you ahead of time documents with tips and things to prepare for; crate (w/ divider only), baby gate, food we require, and a couple book suggestions. WE Recomend using our code HFL for 25% discount for well received training program lifetime memebership with live help via FaceTime, phone calls, group training and 100+ video library of most common behaviors. Visit www. and enter code: HFL Cost is less than a typical few visit starter puppy class and this is for a LIFETIME Membership.
We also require at least 2 years use of the food we start the pups on in order to develop a healthy digestive system and prevent any issues related to switching their diets early in their development. Prior to pickup of your pup we will provide you with all the details you need to purchase and have your food delivered in time for your puppy's arrival. In the event you do switch away from the starter food after 2 years of age, make sure to appropriately transition them to their new diet over the period of at least 2 weeks to avoid gastrointestinal distress. Staying on the food indefinitely can extend your health guarantee to 3 years.

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